Useful Tools

To rebuild communities to become family-friendly, healthy and successful, there are certain tools that can be used.  Finding the right tools to engage the whole community will take research and then the correct strategy to implement these tools.

Research can be done by becoming immersed in all the doings of the community.


  1. Become familiar with the political background.
  2. Do intensive reading about the history, recent and further back.
  3. Monitor social media feeds and conversations.

Research will help find the common ground where useful conversations can happen and the long way back to a healthy, functioning community, can begin.  A new strategy can evolve from understanding what you are dealing with, and useful tools can be discovered and put to work.


Through understanding the social structure of any community, you can find the correct approach to reach as large a part of the people concerned, as possible.

Honouring the expectations of communities will pave the way to success.

Creating the tools that can take everyone living and work in the community to the next level.

Useful Tools:

  1. Communication Channels: Using already existing channels and creating new channels via airwaves, etc. you can relay information, and gather information, that is important in the community.
  2. Familiar Symbols: Symbols are unique to each different community.  All have an own way of using these symbols.  It gives an identity to everyone looking in and can bring consistency, vitality and recognition.
  3. Story Links: Stories are the most basic form that anybody can relate anything, to everyone.  Stories allow the sharing of information and communication and help with finding that common ground, where all can commit to building a future.

Using these tools can go a long way towards creating the type of community that you long for, building a future and working to a bold purpose.