About Protect All NC Families

Modern communities expect the organizations, campaigners and leaders of a said community, to keep them well informed with what is planned for the community.  They want to know how it will influence their families and if it has a positive and beneficial influence, overall.

Communities that believe in creating a family-friendly atmosphere for their citizens can be found everywhere.  North Carolina had that believe, to become the greatest state to raise a family, to work and live.  For decades they did manage to achieve this in their communities, but then state lawmakers made their task infinitely more difficult.

Protecting communities against adverse decisions by political adversaries, and against organisations with hidden agendas, can prove to be impossible.  Through manipulating voters and instigating rifts between different cultures and groups, they hope to gain favour for their own interests.  In the process, the community is harmed, and sometimes very difficult to heal.

To become a healthy community again requires a commitment from all parties involved.  The lawmakers, organisations, political parties and the families residing in a community must work together to achieve the goal of becoming an inviting, growing, family-friendly, community.