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North Carolina Facts Firsts And Other Interesting Engaging Trivia

North Carolina; a United States, state, is situated in the south-eastern region.  It shares borders with Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina and the Atlantic Ocean, and house a multitude of interesting facts, trivia, and first-time happenings.

Interesting, Engaging, Facts, Firsts and More Trivia about North Carolina:

North Carolina, the 12th state of the U.S., engages the world with natural beauty, lots of industries, sandy beaches, diverse culture and rolling mountain ranges.  This state has a range of elevations that starts at sea level and rises to the highest point at the Mount Mitchell mountain range.  The state has a mostly subtropical climate that can vary from humid to highland subtropical.

The Wright Brothers chose to test their prototype flying machines; the location was remote and gave them privacy. Steady winds and soft earth was further plus points to the area.

The “University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill” is the United Nations oldest public university; it was founded in 1798 and grabbed the title, even though the University of Georgia and The College of William & Mary, which both also lay claim to said title.

Putt-Putt golf; were created in 1954 by Don Clayton, a Fayetteville resident of North Carolina. This was the alternative to obstacle-ridden, windmill-overload, mini-golf, courses.

Pepsi, one of the world’s favourite soft drinks, was born here in 1893 in New Bern; Caleb Bradham invented the syrupy concoction and believed it to help digestion. The drink was named after the word “dyspepsia’ in 1898.

The North Carolina coast was a favourite docking place for the well-known, infamous pirate, Blackbeard; Blackbeard plundered ships, held hostages for ransom for many years. He finally got killed by the British Naval forces in a battle near Ocracoke Island in the 1718’s.

Biggest sweet potato producer of the U.S.; because of mild climate and rich earth, North Carolina produces more than any of the other U.S. states.

“Krispy Kreme Doughnuts” was established in 1937 by Vernon Rudolph; this Winston-Salem-based establishment ballooned into being one of the world’s biggest pastry behemoths.

North Carolina is a U.S. state that has a lot to offer for residents and visitors.  You will always find something more to explore or experience.

- 7 things to experience, visiting North Carolina

7 Things You Must Experience When You Visit North Carolina

North Carolina has a great many things on offer throughout the year.  The High Country Mountains have great slopes for skiing and tubing in the winter months, and then hiking during the summer and warmer months.  The autumn colours on the foliage are amazing.

You will also find museums to visit, theme parks, beaches and coastal activities and all types of outdoor activities.  North California is a state with plenty of things to do, and an interesting history to explore.

7 Things To Experience When You Visit North Carolina:

“Blue Ridge Parkway”; has been nicknamed “America’s Favourite Drive”. The driveway connects the “Great Smokey Mountains National Park” that is situated in North Carolina, with the “Shenandoah National Park” in Virginia.  You will be treated with incredible views of the surrounding landscape and the mountains.

“Morehead Planetarium and Science Centre; presents planetarium shows, daily, and also touches on educational topics, like astronauts, black holes, etc. Astronauts were trained here from 1959 to 1975.  You will also find exhibits which show the importance of certain elements and how to preserve those elements.

“Battleship North Carolina; is a well-armed vessel that serviced in World War II. She now throws her doors open to tourists to visit the mess-hall, sailor’s quarters, and captain’s quarters.

“North Carolina Aquarium; offers views of marine life, for instance, the Humpback whales in their natural habitat. The Aquarium has four locations at the coast.

“North Carolina Museum of Natural Science”; includes a research centre and an exploration centre.

“North Carolina Zoo”; houses 1600 animals and a wide variety of plants. Animals include, elephants, ostriches rhinos, zebras, which originates from Africa.  You can also see cougars, bobcats, black bears and alligators which come from North America.  Exhibits are created and designed to resemble the natural surroundings and habitat of featured animals.

“Chimney Rock State Park”; has a 26-story elevator which make taking a trip to the top, an easy feat for all tourists.

These top tourist attractions are only a few of the things that are waiting to be explored and experienced in North Carolina.

- Big reasons, for tiny homes’ popularity, North Carolina

5 Big Reasons Why Tiny Homes Are Popular In North Carolina

Neighbourhoods had a choice of several different housing options all mixed together, before the start of the 1940s.  You can buy a first home for starters, upgrade to a family-sized home, and eventually downsize again; all within the same area and neighbourhood, without having to leave the community.

However, after World War II, communities changed.  Industries boomed, included the auto industry, and people started driving to work and play, rather than walking where they needed to go.  Houses became bigger, and the neighbourhoods changed, dividing people types and housing types.

These changes also caused the loss of different building types, and tiny houses fell through the cracks.  People preferred the larger houses and city planning neglected to keep planning, zoning and building regulations, up to date for tiny houses.

5 Reasons For Living And Owning A Tiny House:

  1. Simplify your life: Living less big, having less stress, producing a smaller footprint on the environment, and striving to have less debt, can be an uplifting experience.
  2. Living closer to nature: Because of the smaller spaces in a tiny house, people living in it would be encouraged to go outdoors more, to experience nature.  If you like walking, biking, hiking, etc. a tiny house will be a great option.
  3. Sharing Lifestyle ideas: When living in a tiny home community, you share the same ideals and thoughts, experiencing the same sense of belonging.
  4. Create connections between all people in the community: Regular interaction between people occur more frequently when they live in smaller spaces.  They need to be outside more and do more things that cannot be done inside a tiny home.
  5. Cutting costs: Living smaller will bring lower bills, for instance, lower electricity bills, water bills, cleaning product costs, and much more.  You will also have much lower mortgage payments and less debt.

Tiny houses are becoming more popular and North Caroline’s beautiful mountain country is a suitable and popular area to start a new lifestyle.  Tiny house communities are rebuilding the way that communities function and grow together.